Learn from the social media marketing experts

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors®, approximately 90% of home buyers and sellers now start their search on the internet looking for real estate agents and related services to help with the purchase and sale process.

Billboard and print advertising spend is trending lower. Online advertising is dramatically increasing. The growth of Google is proof.

This is great news for the real estate industry. Here’s why.

Marketing on-line offers many benefits including the ability to increase the audience who hears your message, while simultaneously deepening the message within a niche market you way wish to dominate, and all at a much lower cost.

For this conference, a single 1/3 page ad in a leading real estate trade magazine costs in the order of $1,000 while this website cost less than $20. That is a reduction in expense by 50 times, with a huge increase in the number of people accessing the information.

Knowing how to leverage online tools in an appropriate, business results-focused way is key. The Real Estate Marketing Summit has been developed to specifically demonstrate that social media marketing is here to stay, how you can apply learnings to your business, and how and where to get started. This is much more than just a primer event. You will go away with concrete actionable steps you can start applying in your business the next day. As a participant in the event, you will also receive at no additional cost an eBook of the presentations that is being offered for the first time on tips gathered from real estate experts who are using on-line and social media marketing today in their businesses. These are real people, doing this today. Just avoiding mistakes they have already made will more than pay for the registration fee for this event.

What you will learn at this one-time, one-day conference includes the following take-aways:

  1. Understand how to properly use the “holy trinity” of social media marketing – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  2. Review case studies and examples of where social media marketing is working in other industries, and how leading Realtors® are using social media marketing today to increase their top-line and reduce costs
  3. Develop an action plan for you to implement to get started and to take your business to the next level

Each attendee will leave with an eBook of the event, and will be given exclusive access to selected videos from the event, to review as they wish after the event finishes.

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